Mixed Media Art Project

Mixed Media Collaborative Painting: I have been wanting to do a collaborative mixed media art project with my kids for a long time but we just never got around to it. But when self-isolation due to COVID-19 was in effect we had the perfect opportunity. We already had a large canvas and I gathered up art supplies that we already had at home. There is no right way to do this type of project – use what you have! We took about a week to complete this project. Some layers needed a day to dry before proceeding to the next step.

Step One: Texture Paste

I squeezed some modeling paste on a few spots of the canvas and let the kids use plastic forks to spread it around. The kids spread it rather thin and flat in some areas, and in other areas left it thick and raised. This created a variety of different sections of texture.

Step Two: Paint

We agreed of a few colours of paint that would match our home’s decor. I gave the kids various brushes and rollers to apply the paint. I tried to encourage them to not over mix the colours together, but they mostly went wild!

Step Three: Newspaper

We used a paper shredder to shred strips of newspaper. I watered down some Mod Podge glue and gave the kids paintbrushes. They added a bit of glue to the canvas, stuck on some newspaper strips, and then sealed it with another layer of glue.

Step Four: Tissue Paper

While we had the watered-down Mod Podge glue out we also glued on some small squares of tissue paper. You could glue down strips of patterned scrapbook paper as well.

Step Five: Printing/Stamping

I gave the kids some more acrylic paint and some various tools to do some printmaking/stamping. We had forks, bundles of Q-tips, corks, bubble wrap, bottle lids, and art sponges. The kids really enjoyed creating this layer!

Step Six: Individual “Mark”

Although this was a collaborative art piece, I wanted each of my kids to be able to look at the completed painting and know at least one part that they were definitely responsible for. Individually, I let each of my three kids put their own personal “mark” on the painting. The technique, materials, colours, etc. were entirely their own choice.

Step Seven: Paint Pens

We used paint pens to draw little abstract designs, lines, and shapes onto the canvas.

Step Eight: Silver Flakes

According to the package directions, you’re supposed to use a specific tacky type glue to attache silver flakes and once attached, you then rub off the excess. I had never used silver flakes before and did not have the specific glue required. So…we just used Mod Podge again. The flakes did not rub off properly but the kids were still happy with the results.

Step Nine: Splatter Painting

And to end our painting…splatter painting! I just slightly watered down some acrylic paint and gave the kids old toothbrushes. They dipped the toothbrushes in the paint and then used their thumbs to flick paint onto the canvas.

Painting Complete!

One everybody was happy with the painting and we all agreed that it didn’t need anything more we declared the painting finished! All that was left was to have the kids sign and date the back and fight over agree on a name.

Materials Used:

These are the materials we used to create our project.

Possible Variations: We chose to complete our painting at this stage but we could have glued on sequins or buttons, added sparkles, used stencils and spray paint, etc. Be creative and make it your own! Don’t forget to sign and date the back!