Lunch Box Notes

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Lunch box notes are a great way to show your kids that you’re thinking of them and love them – even when you’re not together. But who has the time!?

I used to try to write my kids notes each morning but with the regular craziness of getting three kids out the door on a school morning, the notes were subpar at best but often skipped altogether.

I started writing the notes in the evenings and with more time to do them, I found that I was drawing pictures to go along with them. The kids loved them! Eventually, I started doing them digitally so that I could print them off in advance and make life even easier. Now I keep a stack of lunch notes ready in my cupboard and I can just slip a new one into each lunch box in the morning.

“Punny” Notes
Winter Themed Notes

If you’d like to share some of these lunch notes with your own kids, check out my Etsy store to get your own. Just download, print, cut out, and then share with your kids each day. There is room on the back to add a personal message.

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Additional sets of themed notes will be added soon.

Alphabet themed notes – For early readers
Cute Themed Notes