The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

I have a passion for children’s literature.  When my firstborn son turned one, I wanted a children’s lit theme for his cake.  I chose one of my favourites, Eric Carle’s, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


I used 19 cupcakes to form the body of the caterpillar.  I used a small round pan for the head (6-inch round pan), but I cut off some cake from the sides to form it into an oval shape to more closely resemble the caterpillar in the book.  Wilton’s No Taste Red was used to colour the icing for the head (let sit in fridge a few hours to deepen the colour), and a star tip #18 was used to decorate.  The eyes were made by a very dark green icing with bright yellow around the edges.

I made a simple salt dough recipe to make the antennae and feet.  I coloured the salt dough with gel based food colouring, formed into shapes, and hardened in the oven.  Before baking the antennae, I inserted long wooden skewers into them.  This allowed me to stick them into the cake securely.


I made two colours of green, one lighter and one darker.  The light icing was made with Wilton’s Lemon Yellow and some Leaf Green.  The darker green was made with Wilton’s Juniper Green, Leaf Green, and a touch of Black.  Both were added to the same icing bag, half on each side, to create the swirled effect. Star tip 1M was used to decorate the cupcakes. I added coloured sprinkles to the top edge of the cupcakes for the caterpillar fuzz.

This was my first attempt at making and decorating any sort of cake. I was happy with the results and the tradition of making all of my children’s birthday cakes had begun.