The Cat in the Hat Cake

The Cat in the Hat Cake


It was time for my third son to turn one!  My other two sons had literature themed cakes for their first cakes, and I am all about following a theme and tradition, so this one had to be literature themed as well.  My oldest son had a Very Hungry Caterpillar cake, my middle son had a Where the Wild Things Are cake, and son number three had this The Cat in the Hat cake!  Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat made for a simple, yet vibrant colour scheme.  This cake was a bit intimidating, but overall I was pleased with the results.

This design was a bit tricky to draw.  I used the book as a guide, and using a toothpick, drew the design into a thin layer of white icing.  I then outlined the drawing with black icing and a round tip.  I continued using the round tip to shade in all the areas that needed black and then used a star tip (#17 or #18) to fill in the red parts.


I needed to use a very small star tip (#13 or #14) for much of his face, as some areas were quite small.  When happy, I went over all of the black lines again with a round tip to better define them and raise them off the cake more.

I spaced out my son’s name, writing it with a toothpick to ensure it would fit, and then used a large star tip to write it.  I then filled in the remainder of the cake top in blue, with another large star tip.


I then added whiskers, and tiny white dots on the nose and eyes and filled in the sides of the cake with red and white.