Monster Cake

Monster Cake

For my middle son’s second birthday, I was very uninspired of what he would want on his cake.  Unlike my first son, he didn’t have any special or intense interests.  He was well-rounded, and liked everything, but didn’t love anything.  He was however, full into the so-called “terrible two’s” and my nickname for him at the time was “Monster.”  So…I settled on making a monster cake for him! 🙂

This cake was made with my favourite general pan, the square 10″ x 2″.  I find this is a nice sized ‘canvas’ for drawing my own designs.  As always, I cut a piece of paper the same size as the pan to practice my drawing on first.  I then use this drawing as my reference when icing the cake.  I first put down a thin layer of white icing, and draw my design into the icing with a toothpick.  If I make a mistake, I can “erase” a line with a damp fingertip.  When I’m happy with the drawing, I go over the lines in black icing with a round tip.


I wanted this monster to have texture for his fur.  For his body, I first put down a thin layer of blue with a thin layer of green for his belly.  This was to create the ‘background’ just in case there were gaps when I tried to create his fur.  For the blue fur, I think that I used a closed star tip (Wilton’s #27 or #30) and layered long strips of icing for bulk and texture.  For the green fur on his belly, I used a multi-opening tip, Wilton’s #42 (or #134), to create a bumpy, pebbled-like texture. The background of white and orange was done with normal open star tips (Wilton’s #18 or #17), with different tips chosen for the edging for variety.  The stripes on his horns were done with normal round tips.  I had intended for the entire background to be white, but as I was icing the cake it was clear that I would not have enough to finish it.  Luckily, I had enough of the orange to do a strip at the top.  This finished icing the cake, and I was happy with the unintentional pop of colour at the top.  Improvise!  My little guy loved his Monster Cake and had lots of ROARS when he saw it!  🙂