My almost 2 year old son used to LOVE Kermit the Frog. He had a stuffed Kermit toy that he played with and he was always asking to watch videos online of Kermit signing songs. When it was time to make the cake for his second birthday, I knew he’d love a Kermit cake!

This is such a simple cake. The shape of a basic Kermit face is easy enough that almost anybody could replicate it. It doesn’t require a lot of different icing colours. I used two different shades of green for his body, red and pink for the mouth/tongue, blue for the name, and then just black and white. It also didn’t require a lot of fancy icing techniques. Simple buttercream icing and a few basic star tips.

I love using a medium sized square cake pan. It’s large enough to feed a small crowd and the size is perfect to provide a blank canvas for decorating. I found a simplistic drawing to use as a reference and used a toothpick to trace it into the crumb coat of icing. I then outlined the shape in black icing and filled in the colours. After that, a simple name and a background of pure white really made the green face stand out.

My two-year old was happy with my efforts to recreate his beloved Kermit. Ribbit! 🙂