Cupcake Ideas

Cupcake Ideas


I find that I no longer have the time lately, but I used to enjoy decorating cupcakes!  I really should find some time now and then to try out some new cupcake ideas!  Here are a few of the designs I’ve tried…

Chrysanthemum Cupcakes

This idea came from Martha Stewart’s Chrysanthemum cupcakes featured in Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes: 175 Inspired Ideas for Everyone’s Favorite Treat.  There is info here and a video here.  This was one of my first attempts at decorating cupcakes and it was likely a bit on the ambitious side!  My flowers didn’t quite stack up to Martha’s, but…they still tasted good.  I had just bought a set of icing tips, and was eager to try out some new tips.  The #80 fluted tip was recommended, but I only had the slightly smaller #81 fluted tip.

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Basket Weave Cupcakes

In my early cupcake days I was also eager to try out the Basket Weave icing tips (#47 or #46) and the Leaf tips (there are many leaf tips to choose from, I probably used #68 or #69).  This cupcake was my own design, made entirely so that I could try out the new icing tips.  The basket weave took a little time to figure out.  You can find a tutorial here.  Leaves are also trickier than they seem, but with practice they become very easy.  A tutorial on leaves can be found here.

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Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

Nothing special here, just red and white icing and lots of love designs!  This was a chance for me to try out making roses out of icing.  I found this to be extremely difficult and should practice more often. 🙂  You can find a tutorial here.

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Picnic Ants Cupcakes

A cute idea for summer cupcakes, this idea came from the book, What’s New, Cupcake?: Ingeniously Simple Designs for Every Occasion, by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson.  These can be customized however you would like them.  I covered the cupcakes in a layer of green textured grass, used chocolate covered almonds for the bodies of the ants, dark brown icing for the legs and antennae, and used a dab of icing to secure small watermelon candies to each ant.  Some basic instructions can be found here.

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Snowy Cupcakes

Brrr…A snowy, cold week is a good chance to stay inside and make cupcakes!  These are very simple designs with minimal colours used:  a snowman body, snowman face, and various different snowflakes.

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